Going Green Like Your Favorite Celebrity

With global warming becoming a serious concern year after the year, it is definitely commendable that a few celebrities are putting their best step forward to “go green” which is a popular term used to describe their changes made in their lifestyle for the safety and sheer benefit of the environment. People going green take judicious decisions in their day-to-day living, as they well understand that such decisions have considerable impact on global warming, pollution, loss of animal habitats and other major environmental concerns. Some of the major changes celebrities and other environmentally conscious people make are:

They begin to make optimum use of available resources and resort to recycling or reusing of products as much as possible. They focus on conserving energy by resorting to solar power and other alternate forms of energy. Some of them begin by taking public transportation such as buses or walk and cycle to work to curb pollution. Some celebrities initiate ventures such as planting trees and plants on double roads. Join Verengo Solar initiatives to instill and inspire environment consciousness in people who look up to them as icons.

For a better understanding on the initiatives taken by many celebrities in their quest for making this earth a better place to live in, let us look into the activities of few of them:

brad pitt

Brad Pitt

This highly acclaimed Hollywood actor walks the talk by helping build environmental friendly housing projects in New Orleans. After the place suffered a massive devastation due to Hurricane Katrina, Brad Pitt in association with Global Green USA has sponsored to rebuild a net zero energy affordable housing and community for the people of that region. His well recognized and highly credible “Make it right Foundation” is all set to build 150 houses using the latest green technology and equipment.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

This ideal glamour girl from California was highly applauded for her fascinating and convincing role as “Mary” from the film ” There is something about Mary”. With many other blockbuster Hollywood films to her credit, this gorgeous celebrity has done her bit to promote environment awareness and lead a lifestyle that is conducive to building a green environment. She encouraged green travel in the MTV series Trippin where she traveled for all her shows by purchasing carbon credits. In her zest to make her followers environment conscious, she also co authored the book ” The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time.”

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

This young handsome superstar who reached skyrocketing fame in the world of glitz of glamour after his successful films – Titanic and Shutter won several accolades for his convincing performances. He has contributed to the “Go Green” awareness by making step-by-step changes to his lifestyle. He rides a hybrid car and being a staunch believer in energy conservation he installed solar panels in his house. He launched the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation to support many environmental friendly initiatives.

Here are a few more:

If we consider the initiatives being taken by celebrities to make our earth safer, secure and resourceful place to live in, “WE” as common men have equal responsibility to take the necessary steps to GO Green in our daily living. It is imperative to support GO Green initiatives that are set up by celebrities from across the world to help them reach out to the community and world at large. Some of the GREEN strategies used by celebrities which every common man can follow are:

Buying and using only GREEN or organic products which help minimize air and water pollution, energy waste and production of toxins at all levels.

Recycling products and services to minimize waste Energy Conservation by optimum utilization of electricity and energy generating resources.Save money by saving energy. Installing CFL bulbs in households and work places helps to achieve this.Make smart purchasing decisions. Purchasing food from wholesale or bulk stores will reduce the need for packaging.

Also buying high quality clothes that don’t need to be dry cleaned help in saving money and minimizes the use of harmful chemicals in the process.

Most of the celebrities ensure that they keep electronic goods out of trash. Recycle electronics such as mobile phones whenever possible without thrashing them.

Maintaining a safe environment is not the sole responsibility of your favorite celebrity but it is a collective responsibility of all humans who share space and resources on this planet.


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