Renewable Green Energy and Related Inventions

There is no shortage of renewable energy sources. The challenge that the world faces is how to use these sources efficiently. Depending on the location, there are 5 types of renewable energy sources, most often than not, one of these sources can be utilized in your area.

Renewable Energy Sources

  • Wind power
  • Solar power
  • Biomass – This type of power source energy from plant matter and animal waste.
  • Geothermal energy – This comes from heated water and steam from the Earth.
  • Hydroelectric power – This generates power from turbines being moved by flowing water.

Although not every country can supply renewable energy to every home, gadgets and equipment have been invented to generate electricity for personal use. You can use these in your home or outside to cut down electricity requirement from non-renewable sources.

solar backpacks

1. Solar backpacks

This is highly recommended during mountain travel, camping and trips to the beach. The backpack can store energy from the sun through its strategically installed solar panels.

sloar computers

2. Solar computer

Specifically designed to aid education in developing areas, this portable computer derives power from the sun through waterproof solar panels. If you are a traveler or an outdoor kind of person, you can also find comfort and convenience from this tool during your escapades.

solar outlets

3. Solar outlet

This portable invention has solar panels on one side and an outlet on another. It has a suction cap so you can install at any strategic place to get sunlight such as on house or car windows.

Solar air conditioning units

4. Solar air conditioning units

Many parts of the world need air conditioning units. Hence, this invention can be a great help to decrease electricity consumption and carbon footprint in homes and offices. The equipment can be more expensive than regular air conditioning units, however, the electricity power you can save over the years can make up for more than the price of the unit.

These are only a few of the available renewable energy source inventions available today. Aside from saving money, saving the earth is among the benefits of these devices.


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