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Types of Non Renewable Resources

Types of Non Renewable Resources With much emphasis being placed in recent years on energy conservation, pollution and global warming, there is a real need to educate ourselves and our children regarding the vast differences between renewable and non renewable resources. Non renewable resources are those which cannot be recreated quickly enough to replenish energy […]

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What is Offshore Drilling

One of the most controversial topics dominating the energy discussion is related to opening the remaining protected U.S. coastline to oil exploration. Questions remain regarding the impact of offshore drilling on the economy and the environment. Specifically: Those in favor of offshore drilling point toward lower gasoline prices and reduced reliance on foreign oil that […]

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Climate change and its affect on our health

For the past 50 years, man has contributed a lot to climate change. The use of fossil fuels is known to be the leading source of substances like green house gases and carbon dioxide, both of which are known to affect the global climate negatively. Rising sea levels, melting glaciers as well as changing patterns […]

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