Green Gifts for the EcoGeek

Gifts for the EcoGeek

Buying for that Tech-Savvy person in your life can be one of the hardest things you have to do this holiday season. High Tech gadgets and gizmos can be expensive and if you aren’t tech savvy yourself, it’s hard to tell the difference between geek junk and geek gold. Well here are 7 choices that range in price and are geek green gold. Each one of the following great green gifts is cool, useful and green!

The Earth Drive from ATP is a fully recyclable USB thumb drive made from recyclable and biodegradable materials. Beside being made from earth friendly materials, it’s built to last. It’s shock proof, dust proof and waterproof. The Earth Drive also has built in security password protection. To top off the green credentials, they give a portion of their proceeds to American Forests, to help plant more trees! Coming in 1GB to 8GB sizes, this will be the only thumb drive, even the most picky ecogeek needs.

2. Solio Hybrid 1000 Solar Charger: $80 at

With the multiple tip adapters this bad boy will charge virtually all your electronic devices… mobile phones, MP3 players, cameras, GPS units… with the power of the sun! I have one myself and I clip it onto my backpack when I’m hiking, letting it soak up the rays and charge the internal battery. It holds onto the power until you need it! This is the perfect gift for the ecogeek on the go.

Not only is the iPhone the coolest and most powerful phone, it’s one of the most environmentally friendly (still not exactly green, but it’s getting there. Read more about their efforts to green their products). Besides the phone itself there are a number of cool iPhone apps that help you live more sustainably…

4. greenMeter iPhone App: $6 at iTunes

The greenMeter Application taps into the iPhone’s accelerometer to measure your forward acceleration and calculate how fuel efficient your driving is. greenMeter can tell you how efficient and economical your driving is, what kind of environmental impact you have and give you tips to improve. Normally we hate backseat drivers but this back-pocket driver is super cool!

Solar Flashlight? Isn’t there some kind of joke about those? Well, they are actually pretty cool. The imbedded photovoltaic cells capture sunlight and store the energy in an internal battery so the light can be used at night. The coolest part is the “BoGo” which is short for “Buy One Give One.” When you buy a BoGo light, you get one and the company also gives one to one of their charitable partners that distributes them in 3rd world countries. Perfect for the philanthropist ecogeek.

The Studio Hybrid PC is their most energy efficient PC, using less than 70% less energy than a standard PC. This Energy Star compliant computer is also EPEAT Gold rated. Wait there’s more, Dell packages this with 75% less printed documentation and for a few extra bucks they’ll plant a tree for you that will offset the energy consumption of using the computer for 3 years… plus it looks pretty cool!

The [re]drive from SimpleTech is encased in a bamboo and recycled aluminum enclosure, which cools the unit without the use of a fan. The bamboo for the case is grown at the manufacturing facility and steam-pressed without chemicals or wood varnish. The instructions are printed on the box to reduce paper waste, and it’s powered by an Energy Star Level 4 power supply. All these features help reduce its energy consumption by up to 90%.


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