Green Gifts for the EcoTrendsetter


The Trendsetter section of our gift guide is for the clothes/style/accessory junky in your life. Here we’ve collected some of the catchy, novel, and hot new eco-friendly items out on the market right now. From shoes to shirts and beachwear you’ll find something new and nifty here.

1. Classic Recycled Plastic Sunglasses: $22 at ICU Eyewear

These shades, which are a throw back to the ever classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers, are made from reclaimed plastic. ICU Eyewear creates the frames using repurposed plastic refuse as well as using recycled metal.

Patagonia makes this hilarious Big Foot Surfer Tee from 100% organic cotton. “Organic cotton is never grown with synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or defoliants, nor is it genetically modified in any way.” This would be a perfect gift for that eco-minded surfer with a sense of humor.

I love the character you can find in Etsy shop products! This upcycled sail bag is made from old sail and lined with denim with nylon straps. It is hand made in the US and features a nice big fat K stitched across the front for some added flair. Sail Dacron is extremely durable and sure to last through the paces. Honestly, this could be a Him or a Her gift

4. Recycled Skateboard Necklace: $26 at

Skateboard decks have a limited life but the laminated plywood has beautiful colors that often go to waste in the landfill. 2ReVert uses the raw material to make wood jewelry such as necklaces, coasters, rings, and cufflinks! The man/wife team (Jann and Jeff) take great pride in their work and are thrilled when a recycled deck comes their way.

5. Vegan Woven TOMS Shoes: $48 at TOMS

There is more to TOMS shoes than meets the eye. They are indeed vegan, soft, and comfortable. The cool thing is they donate one pair of shoes to impoverished children from South America to Africa for every pair sold to people like you. Their policy is “One for One.” Their goal for 2008 is to donate 200,000 pairs of TOMS around the globe.

The image wrapped around this wallet’s face is the Portland waterfront as painted by Alex Steckly. DB Clay creates “pocket art” on their wallets using a special printing process onto their eco-friendly Tope material. The wallets are truly unique with a ton of designs available. The Tope is totally Dope

7. Surfmonk Shoulder Strap Beach Towel: $29 at

The Surfmonk hoody is a supersoft bamboo fiber pullover that’s perfect for the beach goer in your life. They offer wraps to full length robes and even beach towels in an array of colors. Bamboo is a renewable resource that has become a high end fabric for clothing. Surfmonk hit the nail on the head with their line of beachwear.


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