Green Interior Design Product Choices

There are many different products that you can choose from when you are wanting to go green on the inside of your home or office. But, what are some of the products that you can use to remodel or renovate your existing space that are considered green? Truth is that there are lots of different ways that you can go green on your design, but does your designer really know all of the products and possible solutions for you to use?

If you are wanting to go green from the beginning of a building project, there are lots of options that you can use from before you break ground. Using a geo-thermal heating and cooling system, solar panels and reclaimed water is a great way to start. But if you are just wanting to remodel your existing home or office, or just freshen things up a little to look more natural and make a progress towards a greener life, here are some good areas to begin with that process.

Green Flooring Options


Green Flooring Options

One of the more noticeable areas of green design is the flooring that you choose. With so many people tired of vacuuming the carpet, or sickened by the fumes of plastics and synthetics in linoleum or other synthetic materials, using a natural product for your flooring can be a great choice.

If you are replacing carpet or linoleum, going with a wood floor might seem like a logical choice. However, unless the wood product is from a sustainable tree farm, you aren’t really sure where the product is coming from. So, there are some other options for great looking floors that are environmentally friendly and from sustainable resources.

Choosing a reclaimed wood floor made from old logs, timbers or wood from old buildings is a great way to go. Not only are you saving old growth trees from being cut down, you are also adding a lot of character to your home rather easily. This type of wood usually has large growth rings, beautiful knot holes and spots and also can at times have nail or bolt holes that add a great charm to any home. Not to worry though, if you don’t like that look, there are some great options in bamboo or cork flooring. These two products are sustainable, which means they grow quickly and naturally so as to not deplete the environment of them.

If you don’t like the wood look, you can also choose to go with a stone or tile floor material. There are some equally beautiful flooring products that can be made from concrete, recycled glass and even soapstone. There are many more flooring options that are available also.

Going Green with Cabinets and Counters

Going Green with Cabinets and Counters

Most people think of the kitchen when it comes to matching your cabinets to your counters. This is often the most used and visible place of your home to guests, but there are many places that you can use eco-friendly materials here as well.

Your cabinets should be made of reclaimed wood or bamboo due to the sustainability of these products. While not everyone likes these looks, don’t overlook going with old furniture pieces for your islands or smaller cabinets, like those used for bathroom vanities. Old furniture can add a touch of class and style that no modern furniture can bring to a room. They can really set off the look and bring a great focal point to the area as well. There are also some great kitchen designs that use old metal cabinets and reclaimed materials together to make a unique look and style to. Use your imagination and your local recycler and antique store can be your friend here.

As for your counters, there are some great innovations in natural products that are growing in popularity. For one of the more popular, concrete is still a great product to use. With the ability to stain, customize easily, or add texture or accents to it, the price can’t be beat.

Another great option is to use paper-stone or bamboo. Paper-stone is a mix of compressed, recycled papers with a concrete like mix that can make a great texture, almost like a granite or corian countertop.

Green Furniture Products


Green Furniture Products

There are some great products out there that boast of the fact that they are green when it comes to furniture and accessories for your home. While many of these products are quality products, they key to finding the right furniture and materials for the interior of your home is what the product is made of.

For instance, you can find some great “green” furniture that looks great, but will it last? This is one of the big concerns due to the technological advancements in synthetic fabrics that has increased their durability. Part of what makes a piece of furniture durable is the design. Just as a strong home starts with a good foundation, a chair or couch can also last for years if the frame and subframe is built for longevity. You can never go wrong with a quality piece of furniture that has a strong and durable frame.

As for materials, some of the more popular fabrics are cotton, modal, hemp and even bamboo fabrics. While you won’t be able to find all of them easily, cotton is still one of the more popular due to its ease of use, cleanability, and durability. Leather is still a popular option as well, but it does require routine care and cleaning.

There are many different ways to go green on the interior of your home. Finding the right interior designer should be easy to do once you know or have an idea of what products you want to use, and especially what look you want to achieve.


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