What should I look for in a vapor mitigation company

When working to ensure healthy indoor air, companies and property owners need to ask: What should I look for in a vapor mitigation company? These specialists in preventing and handling vapor intrusion (VI) concerns attack problems with a variety of strategies and technologies giving measurable yet invisible results. They need to be skilled at what they do and experienced in selecting the right vapor mitigation solutions for each building’s challenges.

Guided by Science

A vapor intrusion solution is scientifically designed and tested. To design and install such a solution, a company needs to have thorough knowledge of current technology and EPA guidelines. They need to know what works for each challenge, whether it’s radon issues or the presence of chemical vapors. The correct solution goes far beyond the professional installation of fans, piping and materials and care for building appearance during and after.

Long-Lasting Solutions

Vapor problems are addressed by changing characteristics of the building in ways that will last. A quality vapor mitigation company will provide a solution that they can stand behind over time. The customer should know that the building’s root problem is being corrected. Work will likely involve changing pressures and airflow within the building and its structure so that vapor flow naturally changes, protecting occupants from dangerous airborne contaminants.

Professional Standards

Environmental engineering and related science and technology involves ongoing research and training. A vapor management company needs to be connected with professional organizations and training for the latest solutions. The best will provide input to researchers from their real-world vapor management successes.

Documentation and Follow-Through

Top vapor mitigation service providers are accountable, providing documentation of their findings, recommendations, mitigation process steps and results. The customer will have on file everything they need to feel confident that the environmental hazards presented by vapor intrusion have been addressed properly and effectively.


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